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Floral Scroll Tiebacks / Plaque

Floral Scroll Tiebacks / Plaque


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A large plaque to beautifully display a drapery swag. As a top treatment this piece is mounted over a window, a bed, a sofa or anywhere you need to make a dramatic statement. Mounted vertically it becomes an opulent tieback for large windows and high ceilings. The design features lovely flowers and scrolling acanthus leaves.

Cast in resin and finished in gilded gold with a red undercoating. This piece is compatible with any of the components of the drapery hardware system listed. Available only as shown.

Measures 18 1/2" long, 6" wide and has a 3 1/2" extension.


Item #WOT04
Floral Scroll Tieback
Price: $80.00 each (SOLD OUT)
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