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2" Classic Brackets & Rings Tuscan

Classic Brackets and rings


The Classic drapery brackets and rings feature smooth face in the earthy tones of Italy. Cast in resin and finished in Tuscan. View details of the finish here. This bracket and rings fit a 2" diameter drapery pole. The brackets are sold in pairs and the rings are sold in sets of 4. An entire line of drapery hardware completely customizable for your style.

There are two sizes of brackets one with a 3.5" return and another with a 6" return. The return is how far the pole sits from the wall. The 6" return brackets feature a notch for up to a 1/2" diameter metal sheer rod (not supplied) to enable you to hang draperies and sheers using the same brackets.

Each ring has an embedded eye hook that is either sewn to the draperies or by attaching the metal clips which you will find on our site. The rings are sold in sets of 4.

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Item #WB010-25
Classic Drapery Bracket Tuscan
Measures 6" long, 1" wide with a 3.5" return
Price: $45.00 set of 2
Item #WB6010-25
Classic Drapery Bracket Tuscan
Measures 8" long, 1" wide with a 6" return
Price: $50.00 each
Item #WR005-25
2" Classic Drapery Rings Tuscan
Outside diameter 4"
Price: $37.00 set of 4 SOLD OUT
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